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    Multi-tenants in PPM Express

    PPM Express supports a multi-tenant option that may be useful for organizations in multiple scenarios. For example, if your organization has several departments that need separate tenants to work on their projects, portfolios, etc. 

    The multi-tenants option is available for Enterprise plan only

    Multiple tenants are created by PPM Express Team per your request. 

    To create an additional tenant contact PPM Express Support Team with the corresponding request at: support@ppm.express providing the following information: 

    • Tenant name that should be used for a new tenant;
    • User name of the user who should become an owner and a tenant administrator of the newly created tenant.
      Please note: This user should be added to the main tenant and have a valid license assigned.
    •  Let us know if the tenant should include PPM Express demo data or it should be empty. 

    A new tenant will be created with the same features that you have enabled in the main tenant (License, OKR, auto-calculation of project/portfolio statuses, etc.). 

    Please note: The 'Allow auto-registration' option will be disabled for the new tenant. You can use only the 'Invite users' option to add new users to this tenant.

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