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    First project import from Project Online

    This article describes the steps of the first import and synchronization of projects and assignments from Project Online to PPM Express. 

    Project Online connection is not available for Core plan. 

    In this scenario, we consider that you are importing your projects for the first time.

    Importing Projects from Project Online

    To start importing data from Planner to PPM Express, perform the following steps: 

    1. Sign up to PPM Express using Office 365 or Google account. 

    2. On Portfolios, Projects or Resources page select to open Actions drop-down and choose Import Projects option. 

    3. Select Project Online from the available list of the source systems. 

    4. In the connection section select Add new connection option. 

    5. Select a Basic authentication type. If you have OAuth authentication enabled, please refer to this article for detailed information on how to add connection using the OAuth authentication type. 

    6. Specify user account credentials. If requested, grant PPM Express with the permissions required.

    Please note: The account used to add a new connection should have the following permissions:

    • Should have Site Collection Administrator permissions on the PWA site. 
    • In case of SharePoint Permission Mode: should be a member of Administrators for Project Web App group.
    •  In case of Project Server Permission Mode: should be assigned to the Administrators security group.

    If your Microsoft account has Multi-factor Authentication enabled, please generate an app password via App Passwords by this link

    In the Create Connection window provide PWA URL, your Microsoft account username and enter the generated password into the Password field. Click Create to proceed. 

    Click the Next > Import projects button.

    6. On the next step, choose the projects from Project Online you want to import into PPM Express by marking the corresponding check-boxes on the list.

    Please note: by default PPM Express imports projects using their original names, but you may change the name of any plan you import by clicking on its name in the Name in the PPM Express column. 

    7. Click on the Import button.

    Depending on the amount of data to process, this operation may need some time. You can see the import progress.

    As soon as the project import is complete, you will see Already linked status for the linked projects. 

    To exit the Import Projects screen, just click on the left part of the page outside the Import Project screen. 

    First, you will get to the step where you can add another Connection if required. After the first import operation is complete, you can select another account to import your Projects from. 

    If you do not need to import more Projects to PPM Express, click on the left part of the page outside the Import Project screen once again. 

    Your imported projects will appear on the Projects page in PPM Express. 

    Importing Resources from Project Online

    In a very similar way, you can import your Resources from Planner to PPM Express. 

    Please note: Some of the resources in the list may have Already linked status. These resources were assigned to the projects you have already imported and thus added to PPM Express automatically.

    On Portfolios, Projects or Resources page select to open Actions drop-down and choose Import Resources option.  

    As the connection was already added while importing Projects, you can select the existing connection to import your Resources from. 

    As you select the connection, click Next > Import Resources button. 

    Mark the corresponding resources in the list and click on the Import button.

    As the import process is completed, you will see Already linked status next to the Resources selected for import. 

    To exit the Import Resources screen, just double-click on the left part of the page outside the Import Resources screen.

    Now you can navigate to one of the projects we have just imported. The following PPM Express project sections can be populated with data from Project Online: Team, Key Dates, Risks, Issues, Schedule. 

    To manage your project, use the control panel in the upper right part of the project details page:

    • Force sync project. This button allows manually synchronizing your project with the linked item at the source system. If it's grayed out, it means that sync is currently in progress.
    • Linked project. Open the linked project in Project Online
    • Link Project. Opens Configure connections menu for the current project allowing changing the linked item at the source system or unlinking the project completely. 

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