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How to link Azure DevOps project to PPM Express program

This article describes the steps of the project linking from Azure DevOps to the PPM Express program. 

Please note: Linking on the Program level can be used for quick navigation to the external system project. No data will be synchronized to the PPM Express program when the project and the program are linked.

In this scenario, we consider that you are importing or linking a project from Azure DevOps to PPM Express program for the first time.

To link Azure DevOps project to PPM Express program perform the following: 

It is possible to link your PPM Express program to the whole Azure DevOps project or a specific team, work item, or a combination of items (default or custom), iteration, or/and area. In this case, opening a specific item from the PPM Express program will be possible. 

1. Open the PPM Express program that you would like to link to the Azure DevOps project and press the Connect button.

2. On the 'Link to Project' tab, select the Azure DevOps option.

3. Open the Connection drop-down and select the 'Add new connection' option.

4. As you select the 'Add new connection' option, the 'Create connection' window will be opened. Please refer to the 'How to add Azure DevOps connection to PPM Express' article to add a connection.

5. When the connection is added, in the Select project section, select the project from Azure DevOps that you would like to link to PPM Express.

6. Select the required team, work item type (default or custom), iteration or/and area and click the 'Link project' button. 

Project linking will start immediately. 

You can now directly navigate to the Azure DevOps project or epic from the PPM Express program. If you link the PPM Express program to a combination of work items, you will be redirected to the Azure DevOps project page. 

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