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    How to configure Time project section

    In this article, we will review the Time project section. 

    PPM Express provides an ability to connect PPM Express Time and PPM Express applications and link their projects.

    This functionality helps Project Managers to review the time in PPM Express that employees track within PPM Express Time. 

    All configuration needs to be performed in the PPM Express Time application. 

    It is required to add PPM Express connection to PPM Express Time following the steps described in this article

    As PPM Express connection is added to PPM Express Time, it is possible to import the projects from PPM Express to PPM Express Time, if needed or to link the required PPM Express Time project(s) to PPM Express project. 

    When the projects from these two applications are linked, the next step is to add the Time section to the Project Dashboard of the linked PPM Express project. 

    To add the Time section to the Project Dashboard of the linked PPM Express project perform the following: 

    1. Open PPM Express application.

    2. Open the project that was linked to the PPM Express Time project(s).

    3. Open the Configure Sections menu and add the Time section to the Project Dashboard

    Next, navigate to the Time project section. 

    The time that the team members have already tracked on the linked PPM Express Time project(s) will appear in the PPM Express at once. The time for all linked projects from PPM Express Time will be summed up for each user. 

    If PPM Express Time members exist in PPM Express as Resources, their names will become clickable and it will be possible to open and review the Resource Dashboard for these users. 

    If they do not exist in PPM Express, they will be present in the Time project section of the linked project only.

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