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How to create public/private filters and views

PPM Express provides an ability to create public and private filters and views for Projects, Programs, Portfolios, Tasks, Resources, Business Challenges. 

Private filters and views are available only for the user who created them. Public filters and views are available for all PPM Express users. 

This functionality may be useful for security reasons if not all users have permissions to use and/or review some views/filters. Or just to make the list of views/filters smaller for all users in general. All users may have a certain set of filters and views that is used by the whole organization. However, each user can create as many views and filters as needed without showing them all other PPM Express users. 

Please note: To create public filters and views users should have Manage Configuration permission. Users who do not have Manage Configuration rights can only create private views and filters. 

Please note: Public filters and views can be edited or deleted by any user who has Manage Configuration rights. 

We will review how to create a public/private view on the Projects page. However, the process is the same for creating public or private views/filters on other PPM Express pages. 

To create a public/private view perform the following: 

1. Open Projects page => table or timeline view. 

2. Open the views menu from the left part of the page. 

3. Click the New View button. 

4. Provide the name for your new view. 

5. Select if the view is public or private by toggling the 'Is Public' switch to On/Off. 

6. Select the fields this view should include.

7. Click Create View button. 

The view will be applied to the Projects page at once. 

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