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    How to change date format

    PPM Express uses browser settings to display date format. In this article we will review the steps to change the date format to the European one (dd/mm/yy) in your browser, taking Google Chrome as an example. When the date format is changed within your browser, it will be applied to PPM Express dates as well (when PPM Express is opened using the browser where you changed the date format). 

    To change the date format in Google Chrome perform the following: 

    1. Open the Settings page in Google Chrome browser. 

    2. Open the Advanced settings and select the Languages option. 

    3. Expand the Languages section. Add English (United Kingdom) language to the list. 

    4. Click on the three dots button to open the English (United Kingdom) language menu and check the 'Display Google Chrome in this language checkbox. 

    5. Click the Relaunch button. 

    Google Chrome browser will be using the selected language as well as the regional settings of this language, such as date format. 

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