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How to import Key Dates/Risks from Project(s) to Portfolio(s)/Program(s)

In this article, we will review how to import Key Dates and/or Risks from Project(s) to Portfolio/Program or multiple Portfolios/Programs. 

This functionality may be helpful if you need to add Project Key Dates or Risks to the Portfolio/Program level. You can use the Import option instead of copying Key Dates or Risks manually.

To import Key Dates from Project to Portfolio/Program perform the following (to import Risks the same steps should be taken from the Risks dashboard section) (we will review how to import Key Dates to Portfolios but the same steps can be performed for Programs as well by opening Programs dashboard): 

1. Open the Portfolio dashboard where you need to import Key Dates from your Projects. 

2. Navigate to the Key Dates section and click the Import Key Dates button.

3. Select the Key Dates you need to import from the Project(s) to your Portfolio. 

You can search the required Key Dates by the Project name or Key Date name. 

4. Click Confirm. The imported Key Dates will become available in the Portfolio Key Dates section at once. All the imported Key Dates will have the Connection button. 

Clicking on the Connection button next to the imported Key Dates you will open the Project dashboard and the selected Key Dates for editing and change the information as required. 

The imported Key Dates cannot be edited within the Portfolio directly, all the changes are synchronized as the Key Dates are edited on the Project level. 

However, you can select to show the imported Key Date on the Portfolio timeline or hide it from the timeline as required. For this click on the ellipsis button next to the required Key Date. The 'Show on Timeline' option is not synchronized from the Project level, it is always set from the Portfolio dashboard.

As Key Dates can be imported from external systems you can also navigate to an external key date directly from your Portfolio by clicking on the external system icon next to the imported Key Date.

If you have one Project added to multiple Portfolios, you can import the same Key Date to all Portfolios where the Project is added. 

By adding the 'From' column to the Key Dates section, you can review where the Key Dates were imported from. The Project names are clickable and allow opening the Project where the Key Date belongs. 

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