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Custom fields mapping

In this article, we will review how to perform custom field mapping when synchronizing data from the Project Desktop application to PPM Express. 

These rules are applied to both scenarios, when the projects are published to PPM Express and when the tasks are synchronized from Project Desktop to PPM Express tasks

When you configure project publishing or synchronization of tasks you get to the step with the Task Fields Mapping. 

Project Publisher performs a default mapping of compatible fields automatically. You can review this mapping and proceed to the next step as is or customize mapping as needed. 

The following options are available: 

  • Add Field.
  • Remove Field.
  • Save to CSV. This option is used to save the mapping to the CSV file. You can edit the mapping in the CSV file. When the mapping is performed in the CSV file, you can load it back using the next option: Load from CSV. 
  • Load from CSV. This option is used to load the existing mapping file. 
  • Reset. This option allows you to restart the mapping from scratch (all custom changes will be deleted, and default mapping will be applied).

For mapping to be applied during tasks synchronization or projects publish both fields should be filled in: Local task fields and PPM Express task fields. 

Local task fields are the fields from the .mpp file. Click Add Field and start typing the name of the field you are looking for. 

Please note: If the custom field was renamed in the .mpp file, the new name of such field should be fully and correctly typed in for mapping to work correctly. Alternatively, you can search for the former (original) field name for mapping and it will work as expected. 

PPM Express task fields are the existing fields from the PPM Express application. 

Only fields of a supported type will be visible in the list. The following field types are supported: 

  • Text 
  • Decimal
  • Flag
  • Select
  • Date
  • Integer

Please note: The Note field from the .mpp file should be mapped to the Description PPM Express field. 

If you map the fields that are not compatible, you will receive a notification. 

Dependencies are synchronized to PPM Express only for tasks synchronization, for projects publish dependencies are not supported. 

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