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    Using OAuth authentication to add Project Online connection

    In this article, we will review how to add Project Online connection to PPM Express if you are using OAuth authentication type. 

    Project Online connection is not available for Core plan.  

    We will review the steps on the example of Project linking, but OAuth authentication type is also available while importing projects from Project Online and the steps will be exactly the same. 

    To add Project Online connection to PPM Express using OAuth authentication and link PPM Express Project to Project Online project, perform the following:

    1. Open the PPM Express project that you would like to link to the Project Online project and press the Link Project button.

    2. On the 'Link to Project' tab select Project Online option.

    3. Open the Connection drop-down and select Add new connection option.

    4. In the Create Connection window that appears provide PWA URL and select OAuth authentication type. 

    Please note: The account used to register the PPM Express app should have a SharePoint Administrator role or have Global administrator rights in Microsoft Office 365.

    Please note: The account used to add a new connection and log in to the PWA should have the following permissions:

    • Should have Site Collection Administrator permissions on the PWA site. 
    • In case of SharePoint Permission Mode: should be a member of Administrators for Project Web App group.
    • In case of Project Server Permission Mode: should be assigned to the Administrators security group.

    5. On the next step, click on the App Registration URL link. 

    6. Project Online will be opened in a new tab on the App Registration page. 

    Click Generate Client ID and Client Secret buttons. 

    7. Copy Client ID and paste it to PPM Express Create Connection window, Client ID field.

    8. Copy Client Secret and paste it to PPM Express Client Secret window.

    9. Copy the Title, App Domain, Redirect URL from PPM Express and paste this information to Project online App registration page. Click Create. 

    10.  Open PPM Express again and in the Create Connection window click Connect to proceed. 

    11. In the window that appears click Trust it button. 

    12. Click Create in the Create connection window. 

    Project Online connection will be added to PPM Express. 

    13. As the connection is added, you can link the PPM Express project to the Project Online project. 

    If you would like to link the PPM Express project to an existing Project Online project, choose the 'Existing project' option (is chosen by default), open Project drop-down and select the required project from the list. 

    Press the Link Project button to link the selected project to the PPM Express project. 

    If you would like to create a new project in Project Online and link it to the PPM Express project, select the 'New project' option, type the name of your new project. 

    Press Create project button to create the project in Project Online and link the newly created project to the PPM Express project.

    Project linking will start immediately. 

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