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    Resource Manager

    In this article, we will review the Resource Manager role in PPM Express Time.  

    This role is intended to gather reports concerning specific users Resource Manager is assigned to.

    Users with Resource Manager role assigned can perform the following actions:

    • Report Time on their Projects;
    • Review the time reported by the resources/users they manage.     
    • Create connections to external systems. Resource Managers can refresh and delete the connections they added.   

    Resource Manager is assigned by Tenant Administrators over employees on the People tab.

    Apart from the common user permissions, Resource Managers have access to the Reports tab in order to view the reports of the user accounts which they are assigned as Resource Managers.

    Resource Managers have access to the following pages:

    1. Time tab is used to report the time spent on the projects that the user is assigned to. Resource Managers can report personal time spent on their projects on this page. 

    2. Dashboard tab including the following pages:

    • Personal Time - this page is used to review the time reported on your projects. 
    • Employees - Resource Managers can see a list of employees they manage and review the time they track on the projects (time reported/expected/difference/hours reported per day, etc.). 
    • Out of Office - Resource Managers can review the Out of Office time reported by employees they manage. 
    • Performance -Resource Managers can review the performance of employees they manage, selecting the required date range.

    3. Report tab allows getting the reports on the amount of time logged on the projects by the resources that Resource Managers are assigned.

    4. Settings tab - Resource Managers can review and edit the following settings: 

    • Personal Settings - Here you can set up personal settings: Start Working Day at, Extend Suggested Entries to be at least 15 minutes. 
    • Connections - Resource Managers can add, review, edit, refresh, and delete the connections added to PPM Express Time. 

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