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    Resource merging

    Resource merging is used to combine two or more similar resources while keeping their project assignments.

    Please note: Resources auto-merge feature is available in PPM Express. PPM Express resources and resources synchronized from external systems will be merged automatically if resource name and email fully correspond (applies to all new connections). 

    Please note: Please keep in mind, that the properties of the resources which were merged into another one will not be saved. However, their project tasks will be reassigned to the merged resource.

    To merge resources manually, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Resources page.

    2. Select the resource you want to merge into by marking the checkbox next to it. Merge resources menu will appear.

    3. Make sure that Merge into the field contains the target resource (the merged resource will keep its properties). 

    4. Add the resources you want to merge to the Resources to merge the field.

    5. Click Merge under the menu title to confirm your changes.

    Please note: once resources are merged, the target resource will have multiple icons in the Linked System column. The number of icons depends on the number of merged resources.

    Please note: To auto-merge, the resources imported from external systems with existing resources resource name and email should fully correspond. However, when importing resources from Jira, resource emails may not be imported due to Jira API limitations. To import resource emails from Jira to PPM Express it is required to make all accounts selected for import visible to anyone who can view your content and accessible by installed apps. For this purpose open the Account settings => Profile and visibility => Anyone

    The setting should be set to Anyone before the import process begins. 

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