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PPM Express Overview

PPM Express is a SaaS web-based platform for Portfolio Management. It allows us to connect to Project Online, Planner, Jira, Azure DevOps, Monday.com, and Smartsheet within one system, without replacing the tools and provides full portfolio and project visibility by aggregating project-related information across groups, portfolios, and systems.  

PPM Express allows to review and manage the statuses, cost and progress of all your projects and portfolios in one place. It provides management options for tasks, time-frames, and costs involved in the process. It allows connecting all projects, portfolios, and other internal data – terms, budgets, and performance indicators. PPM Express makes data analyzing and reporting easier.

In complex projects, often more than one methodology is used – Agile and Waterfall. With PPM Express, companies manage hybrid projects and benefit from using all enterprise project and portfolio management techniques and capabilities.

The solution provides transparency and interconnectivity, if the PPM Express project is linked to the Office365 group that contains engagements added in the Resource Plan section, these resources will be synchronized as members to the Office365 group.

PPM Express includes Business Challenges and Ideas management. You can collect, share, screen, evaluate and select the best ideas, boost employee engagement with a modern and collaborative idea management software that provides a structured approach to idea submission, selection, and strategic prioritization.

With PPM Express you can create and manage budgets, forecasts, actual costs for projects and portfolios. It includes an advanced project financial management module that helps control project budgets effectively.

PPM Express includes over 50 PowerBI-based reports that you can access directly from PPM Express. As a result, PPM Express makes data analyzing and reporting easier.

PPM Express Portfolios

Please note: Below you can find the list of the unsupported browsers and operating systems for PPM Express. PPM Express will not be opened in the browsers listed below as they do not support the security protocol TLS 1.2. which is required for PPM Express.

  • All browsers on Windows < Windows 7
  • All browsers on Android < 4.4.2
  • All browsers on Windows Phone < 8.1
  • All browsers on OSX < 10.9
  • All browsers on iOS < 6.0.1
  • Internet Explorer < 11
  • FireFox < 31
  • Chrome < 49
  • Safari < 6
  • Edge < 15

The recommended browser for PPM Express is Google Chrome. If you are using a different browser, some of the PPM Express features may work incorrectly.

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