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PPM Express TIME Overview

PPM Express TIME is a time tracking tool that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Office365 Planner, Azure DevOps, and G-Suite. A high level of automation and smart time tracking helps your employees to save time spent on reporting.

Key features of PPM Express TIME include:

  • Smart time entries - our time tracker analyzes user activity in connected source systems to suggest possible tasks which can be added to your report in one click
  • High level of privacy - the users activity in the connected business apps is tracked without actually spying on what users do on their PCs and preserving personal privacy
  • Improved control - extended reports with insights into the team performance allow controlling business productivity, efficiency, and profitability in one place.

To sign up for PPM Express TIME, follow this link

Please note: Unsupported browsers and operating systems for PPM Express Time:

  • All browsers on Windows < Windows 7
  • All browsers on Android < 4.4.2
  • All browsers on Windows Phone < 8.1
  • All browsers on OSX < 10.9
  • All browsers on iOS < 6.0.1
  • Internet Explorer < 11
  • FireFox < 31
  • Chrome < 49
  • Safari < 6
  • Edge < 15

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