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Notifications on PPM Express actions/events

In this article, we will review email notifications that can be sent on PPM Express actions/events (new manager, idea, assignment).

These notifications are enabled by default and can be disabled by the user who would like to stop receiving them (per user). 

To disable/enable these notifications, perform the following: 

1. Click on the account icon in the upper right part of the screen to open My account settings. 

2. Toggle the Receive notifications switch to Yes/No

PPM Express Events Notifications

The notifications will be sent when the following actions/events take place: 

  • When you are assigned to a Task(s), Risk(s), Issue(s), Key Date(s), Change Request(s) or/and Action Item(s). You can be assigned to these items either manually, or the assignment can be imported from an Excel file. In both cases, you will receive a notification.
    Please note: The notifications are sent for PPM Express tasks only. Tasks imported from external systems are not taken into account. 
  • When you are assigned as a Manager of Portfolio(s), Program(s), Project(s), or Business Challenge(s). You can be assigned as a Manager of Portfolio(s), Program(s), Project(s), or Business Challenge(s) via the Details section of the required Project/Program/Portfolio/Business Challenge page or using the bulk edit option. If the bulk edit option is used and you are assigned as a Manager to several projects at once, for example, you will receive one notification email with a list of the projects. 
  • When a new Idea(s) is submitted to the Business Challenge(s) that you manage.

Please note: The notification will be sent only once when the action/event takes place. There are no reminders that will be sent further on. 

PPM Express Events Notifications

Please note: These notifications can be disabled on the tenant level on the Tenant settings page. If the setting is disabled, users will not be able to enable the notifications, the toggles will be greyed out. 

The 'User email notifications' option allows enabling/disabling email user notifications on the tenant level for all users at once.

PPM Express Events Notifications

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