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    How to delete connections

    In this article we will review how to delete PPM Express connections. 

    External connections are not available for Core plan. 

    PPM Express allows deleting the connections added previously using the import option or via linking projects, portfolios, or resources screen. 

    Please note: Only users who have Manage Integrations permissions can delete connections from PPM Express. The connection is added for the whole tenant, so if the connection is deleted by the users with Manage Integrations permissions, the connection will be deleted from PPM Express tenant. All related data will be deleted as well. 

    Please note: If you delete the connection all projects and resources that used the selected connection will be unlinked. All related data will be also deleted (iterations, risks, issues, etc. imported from the linked connection). 

    Please note: Office 365 and Planner connections include MS Teams, Office 365 group, and Planner systems. All of them will be unlinked in case of the connection deletion. All related data will be also deleted (iterations, risks, issues, etc. imported from the linked connection). 

    The connection can be deleted from the Import Projects and/or Resources screen, from the Projects, Portfolio, and/or Resources Details screen. 

    The best way to review the full list of existing connections and delete the unnecessary ones is to use the Import Projects or Import Resources option. 

    In this article, we will review the connection deletion from the Import screen. 

    1. To open the Import screen, click on the Actions button on the Portfolios, Projects or Resources page. 

    2. Select the Import Projects or Import Resources option. 

    3. In the Import screen select the external system you need to delete the connection for. 

    4. Click on the Connections drop-down to open the list of existing connections. 

    5. Click the Delete button next to the connection you need to delete. 

    6. In the Delete Connection window that appears click the Delete button to confirm. 

    7. The connection will be deleted and all related data will be erased. 

    Please note: It is not possible to delete the connection from the Project (Portfolio, Resource) Details page if the project is linked to the project from the connection in question. 

    In this case, it is required to open a different project that is not linked to the connection in question to see it in the list of available connections and delete it. 

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