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    How to add Jira connection to PPM Express

    This article describes the steps of connecting Jira Cloud or Jira Server to PPM Express.

    In this scenario, we consider that you are importing your projects or linking projects from Jira to PPM Express for the first time. When you import projects or link a project to Jira for the first time, after selecting Jira connection, you get to the step where it is required to add a new connection. 

    As you select the 'Add new connection' option, the 'Create connection' window will be opened.

    Connection Account Permissions and Authentication Types

    Connection account permissions

    Feature Classic Project Type (Cloud,Server) Next-Gen Project Type (Cloud)
    Access to Site + +
    Jira Software + +
    Site Administrator + -
    Project Member - +

    Authentication types: 

    Authentication Type Jira Cloud Jira Server (8.6 or higher, internet connection, 'https' protocol)
    Basic  Login and API token Login and password
    OAuth - +

    Connecting to Jira Cloud

    In the 'Create Connection' window select the Basic authentication type and provide the following:

    • Your Jira site URL;
    • Your account in the Login field.
    • API Token.

    To create a Jira API Token, follow these steps:

    • Open Jira, click on the User profile logo in the bottom left corner of the page and choose Profile.
    • On the Profile page, click the Manage your account button.
    • Click Security in the navigational menu located on the left part of the Manage profile page.
    • Find the API Token section and click on the Create and manage API tokens link. 
    • On the API Tokens page, click the Create API Token button. Enter any name for your API token and click Create.
    • Copy the token value from Your new API token window, return to PPM Express, and paste it into the API token field.

    When the connection is added you can import projects from Jira or link the PPM Express project to the Jira project.

    Connecting to Jira Server

    There are two authentication types available for Jira Server: Basic and OAuth.

    If you select Basic authentication type in the 'Create Connection' window, perform the following: 

    • Your Jira Server site URL.
    • Your account in the Login field.
      Please note: Jira account used as a connection should be a member of the default Jira Administrators group. 
    • Your password in the 'API token or Password' field.

    When the connection is added you can import projects from Jira or link the PPM Express project to the Jira project.

    If you select the OAuth authentication type in the  'Create Connection' window, provide the following.

    Provide Jira Server URL and select the OAuth authentication type. 

    Click the App Registration button (we consider that you are creating a connection to Jira for the first time, if the app is registered, you can use the Authorize button). 

    Follow the link in the window that appears to register the Jira app using the app registration details.

    Log in to Jira Server. The account you are using to register PPM Express app in Jira Server for the first time should be added to the Jira Administrators group. 

    Copy the Application URL from PPM Express Create Connection window. 

    Paste this URL to the Jira Server Configure Application Link window that is open and click the Create New Links button. 

    Go back to PPM Express and copy the application name.

    Open Jira Server, in the Link Applications window provide the Application Name copied from PPM Express. 

    Check the Create incoming link checkbox and click Continue

    Next, copy the Consumer Key, Consumer Name, and Public Key from PPM Express. 

    Paste this information to Jira Server Link applications window and click Continue

    PPM Express application will be registered in Jira Server. 

    Open PPM Express and click the Authorize button in PPM Express to proceed. 

    Review the information and click Allow in the widow that appears to grant PPM Express the required permissions. 

    Click Create button. 

    Jira connection will be added to PPM Express. 

    When the connection is added you can import projects from Jira or link the PPM Express project to the Jira project.

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