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    How to set up Items State Mapping for Jira connection

    PPM Express uses default settings to calculate the Jira items and display project progress. Alternatively, you can enable custom item calculation.  

    PPM Express – Jira items state mapping prerequisites and limitations:

    1. By default, project progress is calculated by Stories. In case there are no “Story” issues types in the project, PPM Express will display the progress based on the amount of “Task” issue types.
    2. By default, all Jira states are mapped to PPM Express states in the following way:
      1. To do – Not Started
      2. In Progress – In Progress 
      3. Done – Completed
    3. Custom state mapping is applied to Progress in the Summary section, Work Details view in the Cards data representation.
    4. State mapping is applied per item within one Jira project
    5. Several item types can be selected for progress calculation.
    6. One Jira state cannot be mapped to 2 PPM Express states.
    7.  Item states not selected for any category will not be included in the calculation and will be ignored in external reports.

    To  set up custom state mapping, perform the following:
    1. Navigate to Configure Connections menu of the linked/imported project.
    2. Use the Configure connection button to open the Configure connection menu.
    3. Enable Use custom option.
    4. Select item types that need to be included in Project Progress Calculation.
    Please note: In case of necessity, several item types can be selected for calculation. In this case, the project progress will be calculated for all selected item types.
    5. Map Jira category states with PPM Express states.
    Please note: Several category states can be selected for one PPM Express state.
    Please noteOne Jira state cannot be mapped with 2 PPM Express states.
    6. Click Save.

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