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Reporting and OData settings

PPM Express provides more than 50 accurate and comprehensive Power BI reports with a graphical representation of PPM Express data. 

If you plan to use PPM Express Power BI reports, it is required to activate these reports on the Report Settings page. 

Please note: A registered Power BI account in the Power BI service is required to enable the usage of PPM Express Power BI Reports.

Also, if you are already using Power BI Reports and there is a necessity to update PPM Express Power BI Pack, a new Pack can be downloaded from the Reporting page by clicking on the Download 'Report name' template link.  


To access the Report settings page click on the gear icon in the right upper corner of the page and choose Reporting

This action is available only for PPM Express users with administrator permissions. PPM Express user permissions are managed via the People Management section.

To activate the reports or update PPM Express Power BI Packs, follow these steps:

1. Download the Power BI report files by clicking on the Download 'Report name' Template link.

2. Follow the steps described in the configuration article of the required report to publish it to the Power BI service and configure the report dataset.

3. PPM Express provides the ability to add custom reports to the Report Settings page and to navigate to the reports (default or custom) from different PPM Express pages directly (Projects, Portfolio, Programs, Resources, Objectives, and Challenges). 

To add your report to the required pages in PPM Express, it is required to provide the report home page URL to PPM Express. If you select to open any PPM Express report from these pages, the Power BI service will be opened in a new tab, and information for the selected report will be displayed.  

Navigate to the published PPM Express report in the Power BI service, open its Home page and copy its URL excluding the /ReportSection part.

4. Return to PPM Express Report Settings page, and paste the report URL into the Report URL field of the required report. 

In the Scope field select the PPM Express pages where this report will become available (Advanced Report Pack is taken as an example).

OData Settings

PPM Express has an open protocol that allows querying data - PPM Express OData. 

Using PPM Express OData, it is possible to use the full functionality of Power BI reports. For more details, please refer to the Advanced Report Pack Configuration article (as an example).

In the OData Tokens section, you can find OData URL – this is a URL link to the PPM Express instance OData that you can use to connect to PPM Express OData.

In order to be able to create reports, a password is required. In PPM Express, you can create a token, that can be used as a password.

Please note: Once the token is revoked, it cannot be restored.

To create a token for PPM Express Power BI report perform the following actions:

1. Click Create access token under OData feed URL

2. Type in the Token Name.

3. Click Generate token.

4. Copy the token.

Please note: Make sure you copy the above token now. We don't store it, and you will not be able to see it again.

In case you wish to stop using the reports and do not need the token that you have created, you can revoke it.

To revoke the token, select the token and click Revoke Selected button. 

Please note: Once the token is revoked, it cannot be restored.

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