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    How to export PPM Express entities to PNG files

    In this article, we will review how to export PPM Express entities to PNG files and use them for reporting purposes or add them to your presentations.

    The following entities can be explored to PNG files: 

    • portfolios 
    • programs 
    • projects 
    • resource
    • roadmaps
    • tasks 
    • key dates 
    • risks
    • Projects section of Programs
    • Programs and Projects section of Portfolios
    • issues
    • action items
    • iterations
    • lessons learned
    • key decisions
    • change requests
    • dependencies

    This option is available from the 'Actions' menu of PPM Express pages (table and timeline/swimline views only).

    You can also use this option from the File menu of the entities listed above.

    The information in the PNG file will appear according to the selected view (all fields included in the selected view will be available in the PNG file).

    Please note: Only 300 lines can be exported to PNG at once. If you have more than 300 lines, a corresponding notification for the limit will appear. It is possible to apply filters to make the list shorter and export entities to PNG files using different filters. As a result, you will have several PNG files, that will include all information you need. 

    Please note: Task dependencies are not exported to PNG files. 

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