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How to change currency for PPM Express tenant

In this article, we will review how to change the currency for the PPM Express tenant.

Please note: If the currency is changed, it will be applied to the whole PPM Express tenant and will be set for all budget sections in the project, portfolios, and ideas and for all cost fields within the tenant.  

Please note: Viewing or editing budgets can only be done by the users, who have Manage budgets permission enabled in their account settings.

To change the currency for the PPM Express tenant, perform the following:

1. Open the Budget section of any project, portfolio, or idea. 

If you do not have a Budget section added to any of the projects, portfolios, or ideas, open any project, portfolio, or idea and add a budget section via Configure Sections menu. 

2. Open the settings of the Budget section.

3. FluentPro Financials application will be opened in a new window. FluentPro Financials is a built-in application within PPM Express that allows us to create and manage budgets. All the settings for the budget section are set via the FluentPro Financials application. 

Navigate to the Currency section and select the required currency for your PPM Express tenant from the drop-down.  

4. Scroll down and click Save to save the changes.

5. Return to the PPM Express page and refresh it to see the changes at once. 

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