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    How to use 'Tags' field for filtering

    In this article, we will review how to categorize things and make the filtering of PPM Express entities easier and faster using the 'Tags' field.

    Tagging Projects, Portfolios, Programs, Tasks, etc., helps you quickly filter these entities by categories that you define. A tag corresponds to a one or two keyword phrase that you define and that supports your needs to filter a project, for example, or define a project.

    'Tags' field is available and can be added to the Details section of all PPM Express entities: Projects, Programs, Portfolios, Tasks, Resources, Business Challenges, and Ideas. 

    The tags are created and used within each entity separately. For example, Project tags are created within Projects and can be used to filter out the projects list, Portfolio tags are created within Portfolios and are used to filter out the portfolios list, etc. 

    We will review Project tags as an example, but the steps of creating and using them are the same for Portfolios, Programs, Resources, Tasks, etc. 

    Creating tags

    To create Project tags, perform the following: 

    1. Open the Project Details page of any project you have permissions to edit. 

    2. Navigate to the Details section and open the Configure Fields menu.

    3. Fing the 'Tags' field and toggle its switch to 'On'. The field will be added to the Details project section at once. 

    4. Navigate to the Tags field and start typing the name of your tag. When you are ready click Enter to save it or click on the tag name that appears below. 

    You can add as many tags to one project as needed. 

    When you add tags within your project, they become available for selection in other projects as well. 

    To delete the tag from the project, just click on the cross button next to it. 

    To delete the tag from the whole system (from all projects in our case), click on the 'Tags' field to open the drop-down with the available tags and click on the cross button next to the tag you need to delete permanently from all projects. 

    Please note: Tags can also be created/edited/deleted in a bulk, using bulk edit feature. 

    Using tags

    To make the 'Tags' field visible on the table/timeline projects view, click on the View option on the left and click on the pencil-like button next to the required view. As the view is opened for editing, add the 'Tags' field to the view. Or you can create a new view that will include the 'Tags' field. 

    You can also create custom filters and include tags to it, or add tags to your existing filters. 

    When the tags are added, you can filter the projects out using these tags. If you click on the required tag from the Details project section or from the Projects page ( table and timeline views), the list of projects that have this tag added will be opened. The projects will be filtered out by the selected tag. 

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