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How to share projects, programs and portfolios

In this article we will review how to share a project, program or a portfolio with PPM Express users. 

If a user(s) does not have permission to review or edit your project/program/portfolio, but you would like to give the user(s) access to your project/program/portfolio and/or allow editing it, you can share this project/program/portfolio with the user(s).  

We will review how to share a project but the steps to share a portfolio/program are exactly the same. 

Please note: Only users who have permission to edit the project/program/portfolio can share it with other users. 

Please note: You can give permission to view and edit your project/program/portfolio only for users who have a User license type. If a user has a Team Member license type assigned you can only give permission to view your project and/or edit project tasks for such user. 

Please note: You can share only the required project information with the users and in this way limit the information the users may see on the Project dashboard. For more details please refer to the 'How to limit project dashboard information for certain users' article. 

To share your project with the user(s) perform the following: 

1. Open the Project Dashboard of the project you would like to share with other users. 

2. Open the Configure menu from the ellipsis button on the right and select the Share option. 

3. You can start typing the name of the user in the search window to quickly find the needed user or just click on the search window to load the list of all users. Click on the user name to add it to the list. 

4. Select the required checkboxes to share your project and grant permission for editing or viewing your project to the selected users. Collaborate on permission allows users to edit the project tasks and Edit permission allows editing all project data. 

5. Click the Confirm button. 

The users will be able to review and/or edit your project accordingly. 

Permission to view and/or edit this project will automatically appear on the People Management page. 

Please note: It is not possible to delete the permissions (uncheck the check-boxes) for the user if: 

  • a user is a Project manager of the project in question;
  • a user has Edit all/View all permissions set by the PPM Express Administrator on the People Management page;
  • a user has permission to edit the Portfolio/Program where this project is included (inherited permissions). 

Please note: Users who have permission to edit the project can then share it with other users. 

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