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How to customize status categories for Projects/Programs/Portfolios/Tasks/etc

In this article, we will review how to edit status categories for PPM Express entities: Projects, Programs, Portfolios, Tasks, Key Dates, Roadmaps, and Objectives. 

Project, Portfolio, Program statuses

We will review the example of Project status categories, but the concept is the same for Programs, Portfolios, and other entities. The main rules are described here and there are some peculiarities for each entity below. 

To start customizing the status categories, open the Project dashboard -> Statuses section -> ellipsis button -> Configure. 

All status categories can be edited by clicking on the pencil-like button and opening the status for editing. 

There are five status categories, and the names/colors of these categories cannot be changed. 

  • N/A
  • Critical
  • At Risk
  • On Track
  • Done 

Also, by default, each status category includes one status with the same (as the category) name and color. The status name and color can be changed by clicking on the pencil-like button next to it. 

New statuses can be added to each category as needed. To add a new status, click on the Add Status button next to the required status, type in the name, and select the color for it. To save the changes click Enter button or anywhere on the Configure Field window. 

To save the changes click the Save Field button. 

Please note: The status name is unique and cannot be re-used for other statuses. 

You can add as many statuses as you need. 

To change the default status, drag the preferred status to the top of the status category. This status will become the default one for automatic status calculation (if it is enabled on the tenant).

To change the status to the one you need manually, click on the required status and select the value you need from the list. 

All statuses including the default one can be deleted, but each category should have at least one status added. Before you delete the status, please review the rules that will be applied after deletion. 

In the default pre-filters on the Projects page, Project summary counters will use status categories (taking into account all the statuses that belong to a certain category). 

Task, Key Dates statuses

To open the task statuses for editing, click on Views -> Select any existing view for editing or create a new view. 

Open the Status field for editing. 

To open Key dates statuses for editing open the Key Dates section -> Configure Columns -> Status field. 

Renamed or newly created task statuses will be applied to the tasks synchronized from external systems as well. 

Status selected as a default one is taken into account during auto-calculation (if it is turned on). If you change the default status, data synchronization is required for tasks synchronized from external systems for the new default status to be applied. 

All statuses including the default one can be deleted, but each category should have at least one status added. 

Status categories are taken into account for the Summary Tasks section.  

The color of the Key Dates icons and timeline icons will be taken from the status categories.  

Roadmap statuses

To customize the statuses for Roadmaps, open the list view on the Roadmap dashboard -> Views -> edit or create view. 

Select to edit the Status field.

If you import/export PPM Express items to the Roadmap, and the item has a status that does not exist on the Roadmap, the item status will be copied over as is. It will not be possible to change this value and a warning will appear next to the item. The status with the same name should be created in the Roadmaps in this case. 

Objective statuses

To customize the status for Objectives, open the Objective dashboard -> Details section -> Configure menu -> Status field. 

Please note: On the My Space page the Summary counters will be shown by status categories. Custom statuses will be available for filtering/grouping items. 

Please note: Statuses for Key Results cannot be edited. 

Please note: New statuses can be created from PPM Express only. If you import/export items from/to CSV files, only existing statuses can be applied within the file. If you create a new status in the file, it will be ignored and a default status from the corresponding category will be applied according to auto-calculation rules.  

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