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    How to delete PPM Express tenant

    In this article, we will review how to delete PPM Express tenant including all data within the tenant. 

    To delete PPM Express tenant, perform the following:

    1. Open the settings and select the Billing Settings option.

    2. Under the Subscription Information section click the Cancel Account button.

    Cancel Account button is available for users with Administrate app permission only and it allows to delete the whole PPM Express tenant including all information within the tenant, all Portfolios, Projects, Resources/Users as well as billing information.

    Please note: If you cancel the account and delete PPM Express tenant, it will not be possible to restore PPM Express tenant and all information included in it. 

    3. In the window that appears read the information and type DELETE (in the uppercase). 

    Provide the reason for account deletion and click Confirm account cancellation to delete the tenant. 

    It is required to provide this information to avoid the accidental deletion of PPM Express tenant. 

    4. You will receive an email notification about the account deletion. 

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