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    How to link Teams app to PPM Express project, program, portfolio or challenge

    In this article, we will review the Teams group connection type in PPM Express and how to link the Teams application to the PPM Express project, program, portfolio, or challenge.

    PPM Express provides an ability to link PPM Express projects, program, portfolios or challenges to Teams group and receive notifications to Teams application on PPM Express actions. 

    Please note: Linked Teams group does not provide a possibility to synchronize any data from the Teams group to PPM Express Project. If the Teams group is linked to the PPM Express project, program, portfolio, or challenge, notifications from PPM Express will be sent to the Teams application. 

    Linking PPM Express project, program, portfolio or challenge to Teams application

    To link your PPM Express project, program, portfolio, or challenge to Teams application, perform the following (we will take the PPM Express project as an example, but the steps are the same for portfolio, program, and challenge linking):

    1. Open the PPM Express project that you would like to link to the Teams application. 

    2. Click on the Link Project button to open the Configure Connection window. 

    3. Switch to the Work Together tab and select MS Teams connection type. 

    4. From the Connection drop-down select the Grant Permissions option. 

    Please note: In order to add Microsoft Teams connection and link PPM Express projects to Teams application, tenant Global Administrator consent is required. Consent should be granted to PPM Express once, before adding Teams connections. Once the permission is granted, Teams connection can be created with any user account credentials in PPM Express regardless of user account permissions.

    Please note: The account you are using to link PPM Express projects to the Teams application should be a member of the required team(s).

    5. Enter tenant Global administrator credentials in order to grant the required permissions. If you do not have a Global administrator account for the Team application, please refer to the Admin Team in your organization.

    In the next window that appears click Accept to grant PPM Express app with the permissions required.

    6. Once the permissions are granted, you can add a connection by opening the Connection drop-down again and clicking Add new connection option.

    7. Specify user account credentials for the Teams application. 

    8. Select the required Team and Channel you would like to link PPM Express project to. 

    9. Click the Link channel button to start linking your PPM Express project to the Teams application. 

    Project linking will start immediately.

    There are two types of notifications that will be sent to the Teams application on PPM Express actions: 

    • User-driven notifications (these notifications are sent immediately after PPM Express users update the linked project, program, portfolio, or challenge). 
    • Scheduled summary notifications, daily and weekly (these notifications are sent on a schedule configured in PPM Express settings). 

    As the project is linked to the Teams application, to the required Team and Channel, the user-driven notifications will be sent to the linked Teams Channel at once. 


    Configuring scheduled summary notifications

    To start receiving scheduled summary notifications, they need to be configured first in PPM Express.  

    To configure scheduled summary notifications for the Teams application perform the following: 

    1. Click on the gear button and select to open the Tenant settings menu. 

    2. In the Notification settings section set the required weekday and time for the Daily notifications and the required weekday and time for Weekly notifications.

    Summary notifications will be sent on a daily and weekly basis on the days and time selected. 

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