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Strategic Priorities page

Strategic Priorities page allows adding Strategic Priorities, managing them and deciding how they impact each project, portfolio, and idea in the system. Strategic Priorities are statements that indicate what is critical or important in your organizational strategy.

In this article, we will review the Strategic Priorities page user interface. To find detailed information on how to create and manage Strategic Priorities, please refer to this article.

Strategic Priorities page includes a list of all priorities within the organization. 

You can review Priorities, their Importance, and their Status on the page. The importance of the Priorities can be edited on the Strategic Priorities page directly.

Please note: Only users with Manage Prioritization permission can create, edit, delete Strategic Priorities and manage them.

New drop-down on the left allows creating new Strategic Priorities. 

To edit or delete a priority, open the menu on the right of the required priority and select the action you need to perform.  

To delete the priorities in bulk, select the required priorities and use the Edit or Delete buttons. 

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