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My Space page

In this article, we will review the My Space page in PPM Express. 

My Space page is where you can review all Tasks, Action Items, Risks, Issues, and Change Requests assigned to you. This page was designed to help the users organize their work as here they can easily see what tasks they have assigned for this week, next week, late tasks, critical ones, etc. 

My Space page consists of two sections: Summary tiles and My Assignments.

All items, statuses, and the numbers on the tiles are clickable and allow to quickly sort and review the information in the My Assignments section by statuses or items. For example, if you click on the Critical status on the tile, only critical items will be displayed in the My Assignments section. 

Please note: if you have work items synchronized from Azure DevOps, only tasks will be included in the counters. All other work item types will be displayed in the My Assignments section. You can apply the default to create custom filters to find the required items quickly. 

There are multiple pre-filters and filters available in the My Assignments section that allow you to find and review the needed information quickly. You can create custom filters if needed. By default, all items that are due this week are displayed in this section, according to the filter applied. 

You can review the items that are due today or tomorrow using pre-filters and filters on the right. If you deselect all pre-filters, all or active items assigned to you will be displayed (according to the main filter selected). 

To filter the items by project, you can use the Project filter button on the right, next to each item. 

It is possible to group the items by Due Date, Status, Portfolio/Project using the 'Group by..' option on the right. 

Two views are available for the My Assignments section: Table and Timeline

Project and Portfolio names are clickable, so you can open the project or portfolio at once and review and/or edit the item there. 

If the project is linked to any external system, you can open the synchronized items from the My Space page in the corresponding external system by clicking on the external system icon next to the item.

Please note: If you delete the items in the external system, unlink the project or delete the connection, the items will be automatically deleted from the My Space page as well. However, if you delete a project in the external system, the items will not be removed from the My Space page until you remove the project from PPM Express, remove the items or unlink the projects. 

You can edit the selected item using the Edit Task button.

Please note: To edit the items from the My Space page, you should have permission to edit the project where the items belong. The editing option will not be available if you do not have the required permissions. If you need to edit only tasks, Collaborate on permission will be enough for the project.

Also, if you have only view permission for a project, you can still edit the task's Name, Completed work, and Remaining work in case the task is assigned to you.

Also, if you are assigned to a task or any other item but you do not have permission to view the project where this item belongs, the item will be displayed on the My Space page. However, you cannot open the project and review the item there. In this case, you can request access to this project from your Project /manager or PPM Express administrator. Click on the task or another item assigned to you, provide the request details, and click the Request Acess button. An email will be sent to the Project Manager of the project (if there is no Project Manager assigned, an email will be sent to all PPM Express administrators). 

As a result, you will be informed by email if the access was granted to you or denied. 

Please note: If you merge the resources, all items will be added and displayed on the My Space page of the resource selected to merge the information to. 

Please note: If you are using Microsoft Teams in your everyday work you can add the My Space page to the required Teams channel(s) and manage it there or open this page in PPM Express from Teams. 

The ‘Report My Time’ option allows users to report their time spent on PPM Express tasks during the current day to PPM Express Time.

Please note: It is required to establish a connection between PPM Express and PPM Express Time to use this option and link the required projects within these two systems.  

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