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How to set up fields mapping between PPM Express resources and Azure Active Directory

In this article, we will review how to set up field mapping between the PPM Express Resources page and Azure Active Directory. 

To create fields mapping perform the following:

1. Establish a connection between PPM Express and Office 365. This can be done if you add the following connections to PPM Express:

When the connection is added to Planner/Teams/Office 365, your Office 365 organization will be linked to PPM Express. 

Next, use the 'Import Resources' option to import required resources from your organization to the PPM Expres Resources page. 

Please note: Azure AD synchronization option is used to establish field mapping for the resources that are already synchronized from Office 365 organization. It cannot be used to synchronize new resources to the Resources page.  

Alternatively, if you have a Planner connection added, you can import plans to PPM Express and resource assignments within each plan will be synchronized as resources to PPM Express. 

2. Open the Tenant Settings page from the gear button and scroll down to the 'Azure Active Directory Synchronization' section. 

Please note: Only users who have Administrate app permission can open and manage the tenant settings. 

3. In the Organization Name field select the organization that you need to synchronize resources from. 

If you added several Planner/Teams/Office 365 connections from different tenants, they will all appear in the list of available organizations. 

4. Click on the Configure Fields Mapping button. 

By default, there are no fields added for mapping. If the mapping of the fields is not established in the tenant settings, only the user name and email will be synchronized to the Resources dashboard from the Azure Active Directory of the connected organizations. 

5. All fields from the Details section of the Resource Dashboard can be used for mapping. You can also use/add custom fields for mapping. 

The list of Azure Active Directory fields available for mapping is fixed (all fields available on the UI if you open any resource in AD, and some other hidden fields). Custom fields from Azure AD are not available for mapping. 

To add fields for mapping click on the Add Mapping Fields button. 

Click the Save Mapping button when you are done. 

6. Select the time and day to schedule the data synchronization. To run an on-demand data synchronization click on the Synchronize now button. 

Please note: It is not possible to select specific users to be synchronized from Azure AD, all users within the organization that you select will be synchronized. 

Please note: If you try to map the fields of incompatible types, a corresponding error will appear on the mapping page. 

Two new fields were added to the Resources page: 'Active Directory ID' and 'Last AD sync'. You can use these fields to create a view or add them to an existing view and quickly find the information for these fields on the Resources page. 

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