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Data synchronized from Project Online Connection

This article describes what data is synchronized to the PPM Express project from an imported/linked Project Online project.

In case when PPM Express project is connected to the Project Online project, the following PPM Express project sections will be populated with data synchronized from Project Online.


In the Summary section, the timeline and % Complete display data synchronized from Project Online, showing the project progress. 

Key Dates

This section displays releases, key dates, and milestones created in PPM Express. In addition, PPM Express synchronizes project milestones existing in Project Online, i.e. tasks whose duration equals 0 days or with a start date that equals the finish date.

Timeline and table views are available for Key dates. By default timeline view is displayed, but you can switch to the table view at any time if needed.

In case the milestone is synchronized from Project Online, the following information is imported to PPM Express:

Title –  Milestone title 

Date –  Milestone finish date 

Complete –  %Complete:

  • No – %Complete does not equal 100%
  • Yes –  %Complete equals 100%


  • On Track – Finish Date is greater or equals Today;    
  • At Risk – The key date is late for less than 10 days (from Today);
  • Critical – The key date is late for more than 10 days (from Today).  
  • Done - the Key date is Completed.

To create a new key date, use the New key date button. On the key date creation panel select the key date type – a milestone, release, or key date. Enable Show on Timeline checkbox to display the created milestone on the main progress bar in the Summary section of the project page.

Please note: Data synchronized from Project Online cannot be edited for imported milestones, i.e. Title, Date, Complete, and Status fields.

To make some changes to milestone fields synchronized from Project Online, edit the milestone in the Project Online, publish the project, and sync linked project in PPM Express.

The following fields can be edited in PPM Express for milestones synchronized from Project Online: 

  • Show on Timeline
  • Description
  • All custom fields created in PPM Express for the Key Dates section


Team section displays all resources added to the Build Team in the Project Online instance.  Next to each resource is displayed a total amount of assigned tasks grouped by Status. 

Task Statuses:

  • In Progress Tasks – Tasks with  % Complete is within 1-99%
  • Completed Tasks – Tasks with  % Complete = 100%
  • Not Started Tasks – Tasks with % Complete = 0%
  • Late Tasks – Tasks with a finish date less than Today and % Complete less than 100%
  • This Week Tasks – Tasks that are executed this week

Please note: In the Team section all tasks with all types are calculated: milestones, summary tasks, project summary tasks, child tasks.


Schedule section displays only summary tasks, including project summary tasks, preserving schedule hierarchy in Project Online. From the Schedule section, you can open the Project Online tasks page and review the details for tasks synchronized from Project Online.

The following data is synchronized and displayed:

Summary Task – displays the summary task name. The summary task also contains WBS of the task For example, Summary Task – 1.1. Scope, where 1.1 – is the task WBS Scope – is the Task name

Duration – displays summary task duration in hours 

Start – Summary task start date.

Finish – Summary task finish date 

% Complete – display % Complete of the Summary task 

Progress – is based on the number of child tasks that belong to the corresponding summary task. For example, 47/69, where 47 is the number of completed tasks 69 is the total number of child tasks.

Please note: Milestones are excluded from the Progress calculation in the Schedule section.

Please note: Tasks status is recalculated when the project data is synchronized. 

Please note: Inactive tasks are excluded from data synchronization.


This section displays risks from the project site of the linked project.

Data from Project Online is synchronized to the PPM Express project according to the following column mapping:

Title – Risk Name
–  Owner
Assigned To
–  Assigned To
–  Status
–  Category
Due Date
–  Due Date
–  Probability
–  Impact
–  Cost
– Description

Please note: Risks synchronized from Project Online cannot be modified within PPM Express. To edit the risk, make the required changes in your Project Online instance and run sync in PPM Express.


Similar to the risks section, in this section can be found Issues from the project site of the linked project. 

The following column mapping is applied:

Title - Issue Name
- Owner
Assigned To
- Assigned To
- Status
- Category
Due Date
- Due Date
- Priority

Please note: Issues synchronized from Project Online cannot be modified within PPM Express. To edit the risk, make the required changes in your Project Online instance and run sync in PPM Express.

Please note: Completed and inactive PPM Express projects are not included in data synchronization by schedule (if Project Progress is set to Completed, On Hold, or Cancelled and/or if Project Stage is set to Closing, Suspended, Cancelled and/or if the Overall Project Status is set to Done).

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