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    How to launch synchronization for a number of projects

    PPM Express performs automatic synchronization of Projects with connected source systems (Office365 Planner, Azure DevOps, etc.) per the created synchronization schedule. The schedule can be set up on the Sync Settings page.

    Synchronization will bring the updates made to the connected Project in your source system and they will be displayed in PPM Express Project.

    Users can also launch synchronization ad-hoc directly in the Project Dashboard by clicking the 'Synchronize Project' button: 

    What if there is a need to launch ad-hoc synchronization for all PPMX Projects or a number of Projects at one go?

    It is possible via 'Configurable Table' View following the steps below:

    1. Navigate to PPM Express, open the 'Projects' page, and switch to 'Configurable Table' View:

    2. In this view click on the representation drop-down and select 'Sync Status' option

    3. Now check the check-boxes of those Projects which need to have ad-hoc synchronization launched for. As the selection is done, click 'Run Sync' option

    4. Allow the system some time to complete synchronization. While it is in progress you will be seeing a grey synchronization button.

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