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Roadmap dashboard

Roadmap dashboard allows viewing and editing all the information about a specific Roadmap.

There are three views on the Roadmap dashboard: Roadmap (is opened by default), Roadmaps with KPI, and Details. You can switch between these views and review the information using the Views button on the left. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Clicking on the ellipsis button you can share the Roadmap by a certain view, apply the layout, clone, or delete it. Please refer to the 'How to create and apply layouts' article for more details. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Clicking on the stage button you can change the stage for the Roadmap. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Roadmap view

There are two views available for the Roadmap: Table and Timeline. 

Timeline view

By default, the roadmap page consists of Milestones and Lane 1 (default lane). The timeline view is opened by default. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

By clicking on the Manage Lanes button you can delete, and edit these default lanes and create your ones.

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

As the lanes are created and/or edited as required, you can add new items to these lanes: Key Dates and Bars.

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

It is also possible to import items to the Roadmap. The following PPM Express items can be imported to the Roadmap: 

  • Programs
  • Projects
  • Key Dates
  • Tasks
  • Ideas
  • Objectives

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Please note: When creating a new Key Date or a Bar, you can select the lane as required. However, when importing items, all Key Dates are imported to the Milestones per default. All other items are imported to the default lane(any lane can be selected as a default one). If the Milestones lane is deleted, all Key Dates will be added to the lane as well.

Labels are used to combine certain items within each lane. 

When creating a new Key Date or a new Bar, you get to select the lane where it should belong and the label if required. 

The Manage Labels button is used to create, edit, and hide labels. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Style option allows configuring the style of the Roadmap bars. You can make the bars larger and show or hide Dates, Progress, Status, Dependencies, Warnings, Links, and Tooltips from the bars. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Also, it is possible to configure the information displayed on the tooltip. The tooltips are configured separately for each entity: lanes, bars, key dates. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

For lanes, only default fields are available for selection, as it is not possible to create custom fields for lanes. 

For bars and key dates, default and custom fields are available. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

The set of the tooltip fields is saved per roadmap and is not shared between roadmaps. The newly configured tooltip becomes available for all users with access to the roadmap. 

Only Roadmap Managers and users with Manage Configuration permission can edit the roadmap tooltips. 

To edit the Roadmap item click on the bar to select it and then select the required action from the top right: delete, move to Backlog, create dependencies, clone, edit. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Table view

There are two groups available on the table view: Backlog and Planned. 

All items added or imported to the roadmap from the table view are added to the Backlog group first, they do not appear on the timeline. Items moved or added to the Planned group appear on the timeline view. 

Table view allows reviewing details for the roadmap fields and taking actions to the selected items in a bulk (delete, move, clone, set progress, assign the selected items). 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

You can use default views, edit them or create new ones by clicking on the View (General info is applied by default) button. 

Prioritization of the roadmap items is also available on the table view. For more details please refer to the Prioritization roadmap items article

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

When editing the default or creating new views you can edit the default fields and create your own ones. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

It is also possible to use default or create your own filters. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Statuses within each status category can be customized: you can add new statuses, change the default one, change the color, etc. For more details, please refer to the 'How to customize statuses' article. 

Roadmap with KPI view

This page consists of two sections: KPI and Roadmaps. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

KPI section allows organizations to quickly review all the updates for the information from the Details section, including our rolled-up calculated fields such as Estimated Effort, Estimates Cost, Story Points, etc.

You can change the information displayed in the KPI section by clicking on the ellipsis button and selecting the fields you need. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Please note: The roadmap sections can be configured by users with 'Manage Configuration' permission only. 

The Roadmap section is the same as in the Roadmap view described above. 

Details view

In the Details view, you can provide detailed information about the current Roadmap. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

This section includes a set of default fields. Clicking on the ellipsis button on the right, you can open the Configure fields menu. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

You can edit, hide, delete, and change the position of the fields on the Configure fields page and create new custom fields. 

PPM Express Roadmap Dashboard

Please note: The configuration of the fields on the Details page is applied to all Roadmaps. To open the Configure fields menu and edit or create fields it is required to have Manage Configuration permission. 

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