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How to link Smartsheet Workspace to PPM Express program

This article describes the steps of linking Workspaces from Smartsheet to the PPM Express programs.

Please note: Linking on the Program level can be used for quick navigation to the external system project. No data will be synchronized to the PPM Express program when the project and the program are linked.

To link the Smartsheet Workspace to PPM Express program perform the following:

1. Open the PPM Express program that you would like to link to the Smartsheet Wrokspace and press the Connect button.

2. On the Link to Project tab select the Smartsheet option. If you do not have a connection added, click on the Connection drop-down and select Add new connection option.

3. As the connection is added, you can link the PPM Express program to the Smartsheet Workspace. 

Open the Workspace drop-down and select the required workspace from the list. The Program is connected to the Smartsheet Workspace, not to the Sheet/Project. 

Please note: A few Programs can be linked to the same Smartsheet Workspace. The already linked Workspace can be selected when importing or linking its Sheets as a project to PPM Express. 

Please note: The ‘Sheets’ directory/folder for personal Sheets is available in the Workspaces list when linking a Project to the Sheet, but is not listed among the Workspaces when linking to the Program. 

Click on the Link Workspace button to link the selected workspace to the PPM Express program. 

You can now navigate to the Smartsheet Workspace from the PPM Express program directly. 

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