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PPM Insights

In this article, we will review the PPM Express Insights settings. 

Insights page is available for PPM Express Administrators only.

PPM Insights AI settings

PPM Insights AI offers you the opportunity to use a range of AI features developed by PPM Express and based on the underlying models made available by OpenAI. 

By default, the feature is turned OFF for the tenant. PPM Express users with Administrate app permission can enable PPM Insights AI features and disable them when/if needed. 

To turn on the feature for your tenant, switch the PPM Insights AI toggle to On and click Confirm in the window that appears. 

The default API Key is provided by PPM Express, and it supports only the GPT 3.5 Turbo Open AI model. If disabled, a custom API Key should be used that may support the GPT 4 model.

Temperature is a parameter in OpenAI models that controls the level of randomness and creativity in the generated responses. It is represented by a number between 0 and 1. A temperature of 0 produces very predictable and consistent responses, while a temperature of 1 allows for more varied and creative responses. We recommend setting the Temperature value to 0.2, as per default, and not changing it. 

Auto-calculation settings

PPM Express allows enabling/disabling the auto-calculation of Project, Program and Portfolio Key Dates and Project tasks. Insights page is used to enable the auto-calculation of the Key Dates and Project tasks and to define the status calculation rules. 

Please note: The auto-calculation of Project, Program and Portfolio Key Dates and Project tasks is enabled by default. 

The recalculation of the Key dates/Tasks statuses will be launched automatically on every change performed by users plus daily at midnight according to the Tenant timezone settings. 

The auto-calculation and the calculation rules for the Key dates and Project tasks are set separately, however, the settings and the logic are exactly the same. 

To disable/enable the Key dates/Tasks statuses auto-calculation, toggle the Calculate statuses automatically switch to On/Off.

Please note: Auto-calculation of statuses can be disabled per project/program/portfolio if required. 

If auto-calculation of statuses is enabled for the PPM Express tenant, however, some project/program/portfolio managers prefer setting the statuses manually, they can turn the auto-calculation off for their project/program/portfolio. 

To turn the auto-calculation of statuses per project/program/portfolio, perform the following: 

1. Open the required project/portfolio. Click on the ellipsis button on the upper left corner of the Project Details page.

2. Navigate to the Calculated Automatically option and deselect the statuses that you do not need to be calculated automatically. 

Please note: To disable the auto-calculation option a user should have permission to edit the selected project/program/portfolio.

Auto-calculation logic

The Key dates/Tasks statuses are calculated taking into account the values set in the Proximity/Lateness Impact sections. 

By default, the values are set according to the Key dates/Tasks finish date, taking into account the current date: At Risk => 1 day, Critical => 10 days. The following calculation logic is applied in this case: 

  • On Track – Finish Date is greater or equals Today / if there is no Due Date, but the Progress is greater than 0 and is less than 100%. 
  • At Risk – The key date is late for less than 10 days (from Today);
  • Critical – The key date is late for more than 10 days (from Today).  
  • Done - the Key date is marked as Complete.

The default values can be changed and set as required. If the default values are changed, the statuses will be calculated according to the values you provide. The current date is always taken into account. 

The difference between the Current Date and the Due Date is evaluated and compared with the values you define. If you use the negative value, it will mean that certain status will be applied before the actual date is reached (tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.). 

Please note: The values that you set in the Proximity/Lateness Impact section will be applied to the Key Dates and Tasks imported from external systems as well. If the auto-calculation of the Key dates/Tasks is disabled, the values provided in the Proximity/Lateness Impact section will still be applied to the imported Key Dates and Tasks when they are imported for the first time. As the Key Dates and Tasks are imported to PPM Express, it will be possible to change the status as required (if auto-calculation is turned off). 

Project, Program, and Portfolio statuses can also be calculated automatically. However, this feature is enabled by your request only. To activate this feature, please send the corresponding request to our Sales Team at sales@ppm.express.  


The Warnings section allows disabling the calculation of the Warnings on the tenant level. 

To turn the Warning off on the tenant level for projects, programs, or/and portfolios, navigate to the Warnings section and toggle the required switch to Off. 

Please note: the Warnings can be disabled per project/program/portfolio as well. For more information, please refer to this article

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