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Billing settings

In this article, we will review the Billing settings page and PPM Express available plans.

Billing settings page overview

Billing Settings page allows selecting the PPM Express plan, paying for it, and reviewing subscription information. All changes to the current plan are also performed via the Billing settings page. 

PPM Express tenant is registered once the first user from Office 365/GSuite tenant or private email account signs up. Such a user is granted Administrate app permissions by default and receives access to all components and features provided in PPM Express.

When the first user signs up to PPM Express and creates the tenant for the organization, a trial license will be applied automatically according to the selected plan. It will be valid for 30 days and will include 5 users with User license type and 25 users with Team Members license type. 

After 30 days PPM Express Administrator will have access only to the Billing settings page if the plan was not selected and paid.

As the required number of the user seat of each type is purchased, users may log in to PPM Express. The users from the same Office 365/GSuite tenant registering in PPM Express will receive access to the same PPM Express tenant, which was initially created by the first user if there are free user seats within this PPM Express tenant. 

As users register in PPM Express, User licenses will be assigned first. As all User seats are issued, Team Member licenses will be assigned to the next users further registering in PPM Express. When users are registered in PPM Express, the PPM Express Administrator can change the license type and assign the licenses and permissions as required. 

As the license is issued, users can be added to PPM Express. Users that are added to PPM Express may have two types of license: 

  • User- users with this license may have a full set of PPM Express permissions. By default users with the User license have manage resources permissions and permissions to view all projects, programs, and portfolios, and edit projects, programs, and portfolios they own. The default set of permissions may be changed by the PPM Express administrator who also defines the permission level for each user with the User license type on the People Management page.
  • Team Member type - users with a Team Member license have read permissions and view all PPM Express Portfolios, Programs and Projects by default. Using 'Collaborate on' permission PPM Express administrator can grant Team Members permission for editing PPM Express tasks. On the People Management page, the PPM Express administrator may define what Portfolios, Programs and/or Projects exactly these users have permissions to review and/or edit tasks for. 

To be able to add more users to PPM Express, it is required to obtain a license for the number of users you would like to add to PPM Express. For this purpose, open the settings from the gear button and select the Billing Settings option. This action is available only for PPM Express users who are granted Manage Billing permissions. By default, only the first user who registered PPM Express tenant and has Administrate app permissions will have Manage Billing permissions. This user may grant Manage Billing permissions to other users with a User type of license, as required. 

When the user is deactivated, the status will be set to Inactive and the license will be changed to 'Not applied' at once for such a user. The license becomes available for further assignments. 

Billing settings page includes Subscription information and Available plans.

Subscription information section includes: 

  • Current Plan section: Product Management Monthly, Product Management Annual, Portfolio Management Monthly, Portfolio Management Annual, or Enterprise;
  • Renewal Date section: shows the date when the next payment will occur; 
  • User Seats section: shows the number of users with a User type of license. The first number will show the number of User licenses that are already assigned to PPM Express users, the second number is the total number of available User licenses;
  • Team Members Seats section: shows the number of users with the Team Members type of license. The first number will show the number of Team Member licenses that are already assigned to PPM Express users, the second number is the total number of available Team Member user licenses;
  • Payment section: shows payment details (amount to be paid according to the selected plan).  

Two options are available under the Subscription information section: Manage Billing Details and Delete Account.

Manage Billing Details button opens the Manage subscriptions window where billing information can be updated if needed. It includes:

  • Account Information;
  • Billing and Shipping address;
  • Payment Methods;
  • Billing History.

Manage Billing Details button is available if you are on a Monthly Product/Portfolio Management or Annual Product/Portfolio Management plan. If you select the Enterprise plan, the manage option will not be available as all payment details information, and changes will be managed via the Sales Team.

Delete Account button is available for users with Administrate app permission only and it allows to delete the whole PPM Express tenant including all information within the tenant, all Portfolios, Programs, Projects, Resources/Users as well as billing information. 

Please note: If you cancel the account and delete the PPM Express tenant, it will not be possible to restore the PPM Express tenant and all information included in it. 

PPM Express available plans

PPM Express provides five plans for selection: Monthly Product Management plan, Annual Product Management plan, Monthly Portfolio Management plan, Annual Portfolio Management plan, Enterprise plan. For detailed information about the functionality that each plan includes please refer to the PPM Express Subscription plans article. 

PPM Express Product/Portfolio Management Monthly plans are for customers who want flexibility and prefer to pay for licenses every month. The payment will be processed automatically every month from a credit/debit card provided in the Billing&Shipping information and Payment details of the Billing Operations window.

PPM Express Product/Portfolio Management Annual plans are for customers who prefer to pay annually and enjoy a discount. 

Please note: If you decide to cancel or change the Annual plan for the Monthly plan before the renewal date, the payment is not refundable. 

Please note: Product Management Plan and Portfolio Management Plan have different functionality described in the PPM Express Subscription plans article.

PPM Express Enterprise plan is a custom plan for organizations that need enterprise features and/or a large number of users (over 30 users). Customers can buy Enterprise plans by contacting the Sales Team by clicking the Contact us button in the Enterprise plan and sending all the details to the Sales Team, you will receive a payment order.

When the plan is not paid yet, you can switch trail using the corresponding button under the required plan and review the functionality of the plan selected. 

Please note: If the next payment is not performed after the Renewal Date for the Monthly Product/Portfolio Management or Annual Product/Portfolio Management plan, the PPM Express Administrator will be able to access the Billing page only. When the payment is applied, full functionality will become available again.

For the Enterprise plan, there will be a grace period.

If the required amount is not paid before the end of the grace period and you are on the Enterprise plan, users will be able to log in to PPM Express, but PPM Express functionality will no longer be available for the users. Only PPM Express users with Administrate app permissions will have access to the PPM Express Billing Settings page and can select the Annual or Monthly plan or contact our Sales Team to pay for the Enterprise plan.

As the required amount is paid, users will be able to use the full PPM Express functionality again. 

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