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User interface layout

In this article, we will review the general interface layout in PPM Express.

Upper ribbon

1. Home button and navigation bar.
2. PPM Express Settings menu. It gives access to the People management, Tenant settingsPPM Insights, Calendar, Billing, and OData Management and Reporting pages.
3. Help section button.
4. User account menu. It contains a sign-out option, a switch between tenants (if you have several), and email notification settings. 

Left navigation bar

5. Search menu. Allows searching for specific portfolios, projects, programs, resources, etc.
6. Expand the left navigational menu button. Expands or collides left navigational menu.
7. My Space button.
8. PPM Insights button.
9. Portfolios button.
10. Programs button.
11. Projects button.
12. Roadmaps button.
13. Resources button.
14. Strategic Priorities button.
15. Company Objectives button.
16. Business Challenges button. 

Common page elements

17. New dropdown. Allows quickly adding a new Project, Program, Portfolio, Resource, and Roadmap.
18. Actions dropdown. Lists available actions for the current page.
19. File dropdown appears on the table and timeline views. 
20. Reports dropdown. Lists available Power BI reports. Click the report title to be redirected to the report in a new tab if you have configured external Power BI reports.
21. Summary view/Cost view selector. If the card view is selected for the current page, it switches between the Cost and Work representation. On the Configurable table/Timeline, other views are available for configuring page representation.
22. Card/Configurable table/Timeline general view switch. Changes current page representation.
23. Sort elements dropdown. Allows sorting elements on the page (card view). 
24. Filter dropdown. Allows filtering elements on the page and creating new filter presets.

Please refer to this article to find information about warnings in PPM Express. 

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