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    Extended Release Notes - PPM Express

    In this article, you will find an extended overview of all the new features right after the release. 

    If you would like to receive an email notification with an extended features overview a few days before the upcoming release, please fill in the PPM Express Release Notification Form

    Release Notes 7.8 @ July 22, 2021

    1. Onboarding videos on how to configure connections are now added to the 'Configure Connection' menu of each external system (Azure DevOps, Jira, MS Planner, Project Online, Office 365 Group).

    Users who configure connections to external systems can now review video guides on how to configure connections. The links to these videos are added to the 'Configure Connection' menu of each connection. 

    Also, there are video guides for configuring Executives Report Pack, Objectives and Key Results module, and for Installing PPM Express App for MS Teams

    2. Task Management – default descriptions are added to native task fields.

    Information buttons were added to all native task fields. Users can now review the descriptions for native task fields and quickly get information on how each field is used. 

    These descriptions can be edited if needed. For this, open the field for editing (e.g. open any view for editing and click on the pencil-like button next to the required field) and add your own description. 

    Release Notes 7.7 @ July 14, 2021

    Users who use PPM Express Time for time reporting and established connection between PPM Express Time and PPM Express can now synchronize totals from PPM Express Time to PPM Express 'Completed work' task field. 

    It is required to enable the 'Write totals to PPM Express completed work' feature in PPM Express Time projects that are linked to PPM Express.

    If the projects from PPM Express and PPM Expres Time are linked, tasks from PPM Express will appear as suggested time entries in PPM Express Time when the feature is enabled. 

    When the time is reported (confirmed work) for these entries, the values will appear in the PPM Express 'Completed work' task field.

    Release Notes 7.6 @ July 8, 2021

    A new section ‘Workload’ will be added to the Resource dashboard. 

    As a Project and Resource Manager, you can review all assignments for the selected resource across PPM Express and plan the Resource workload accordingly. 

    The ‘Workload’ section shows the Tasks, Action Items, Risks and Issues that are due this month or late as well as all assignments by status. 

    If you click the ‘View Resource Assignments’ button, the Workload page will be opened where you can review all resource assignments in detail. 

    Release Notes 7.5.2 @ July 5, 2021

    1. A layout is now available for selection when creating new Portfolios, Projects, etc. 

     The changes will apply to the following entities: 

    • Portfolio
    • Project
    • Resource (if created from Resource menu)
    • Business Challenge 

    Before: When you created a new Portfolio or other entity listed above, the dashboard sections were displayed on the Portfolio/Project/ Resource/ Business Challenge creation screen and could be selected one by one for the newly created entity. A layout could be selected only after a new Portfolio, Project, or other entity was created. 

    Now: When you create a new Portfolio, Project, etc. you can select a layout on the creation screen. The “default layout” is displayed by default. At the same time, it is possible to expand sections and customize them before you create Portfolio, Project, etc. 

    2. Import of key dates and risks is now possible from Project to Portfolio level. 

    Before: Key dates and risks on project and portfolio levels were added and managed independently. It was not possible to add project key dates or risks to the portfolio level. 

    Now: As a Portfolio Manager you can now import key dates or risks from related Projects for viewing in your Portfolio. Using connection icons next to a key date or risk you can easily navigate to an original linked element in PPM Express. As key dates can be imported from external systems you can also navigate to an external key date directly from your Portfolio. Use a column “From” to view a project from which a key date or risk was imported and manage all important key dates or risks from all your related projects on a single page. 

    Release Notes 7.4 @ June 17, 2021

    1. Manage Budget permission was changed and renamed to Manage Financial Details. 

    Before: Manage Budget permission granted access to Project or Portfolio budgets for the user account. If this permission was disabled, the user could not see or edit the budget (a placeholder was shown instead in the Budget section).

    Now: Manage Budget permission was changed and renamed to Manage Financial Details. If this permission is disabled for the user, not only the Budget section content is hidden from this user, but also all Cost fields (OOB and custom) become disabled across Projects, Resources and Portfolios (N/A status is shown for these fields). OKR and Challenges & Ideas modules are excluded from this rule.

    Please refer to the People Management article for more details. 

    2. OAuth authentication type is now available for Jira Server connection. 

    Before: Only Basic authentication type was available for Jira Server connection. 

    Now: The OAuth authentication type is available for selection as well for Jira Server connection. 

    3. One Project can now be added to multiple Portfolios. 

    Before: Users could add one Project to one Portfolio only. 

    Now: Users can add the same Project to multiple Portfolios.

    Release Notes 7.3.1 @ June 10, 2021

    1. The logic of saving the last selection choice of how the information is displayed on PPM Express pages changed.  

    The changes apply to the following pages:

    • Portfolios Views  
    • Projects Views  
    • Resources page  
    • Business Challenges Views  
    • Company Objectives Views  

    Before: When you selected a column width/ views/ timescales/ timeframe/ sorting/ filters on the pages listed above, these changes were reset to default when you closed PPM Express and re-opened it.  

    Now: When you make a change to a column width/views, etc. on the pages listed above, these changes will be saved no matter if you switch between the pages or re-open the PPM Express application itself.   

    The following changes will be saved from now on:  

    • Columns width;  
    • Views (Cards, Timeline, Configurable table); 
    • Timescales (Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Years); 
    • Timeframe (date range);  
    • Sorting; 
    • Filters.

    These changes are saved per user and per page: Portfolios, Projects, Resources, Challenges and Ideas, Company Objectives. 

    If you open PPM Express on a different device or browser the changes will be saved as well.

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